New Bannerman-Nixdorf book, a shocker!

For Immediate Release
(VANCOUVER, B.C. May16, 2005)

A new book authored by Gary Bannerman and Dr. Don Nixdorf, a brutally frank indictment of health spending and mismanagement in Canada, will be released near the end of June, 2005. Published simultaneously in Canada and the United States by Hancock House Publishers, Squandering Billions: Health Care in Canada, has taken a year in the preparation. The first draft was reviewed by distinguished health experts from east to west coast in Canada, and from Boston (Harvard University) to Los Angeles (UCLA) in the United States.

Squandering Billions demonstrates that the absolute power of medical doctors, pharmaceutical companies, health bureaucrats and hospital administrators, enshrines mediocrity at the expense of patients. Mistakes, inefficiency and malpractice in the Canadian health system may be causing ten times or more unnecessary deaths a year than the toll from traffic accidents (3,000) and crime (500). Some acute care hospitals seem to have become disease factories. Why do health care tragedies not face the scrutiny typically focused upon other accidental and wrongful death?

Co-author Nixdorf is the executive-director of the British Columbia Chiropractic Association. Planning for this book emerged from a 2002 Vancouver conference entitled Health Care or Wealth Care: is it all about money? Economists, health experts and politicians met to debate how to improve patient outcomes and to make health management in Canada more efficient. Conference transcripts first became a 12-page, full-colour report and subsequent discussions conceptualized the book.

Hancock House Publishers, a leading west coast presence for 30 years, have published more than 500 books, from basic outdoors guides to prestigious large format presentations containing signed, limited-edition prints of original art. Hancock has published two previous Gary Bannerman books, The Ships of British Columbia (1985), the history of BC Ferries; and, Collingwood School, The First Ten Years (1994), about the creation and development of a respected private school.

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