International medical journal reports success in easing fibromyalgia pain

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(VANCOUVER, B.C. - 23 January, 2007)

A distinguished British medical journal, Clinical Rheumatology, has just published an article concerning the remarkable pain-reduction results of Farabloc, developed and manufactured by a Vancouver-headquartered company, in studies of patients suffering from fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition characterized by fatigue and widespread pain in muscles, ligaments and tendons, creating multiple tender points. This rheumatic condition creates chronic pain at these tender points disturbing most normal activities. There is a predominance of women among those afflicted with the disease. Symptoms vary among patients from mild to severe but cures have been virtually non-existent. Debilitating side effects complicate many therapies based on chronic drug use.

The research report, The Efficacy of Farabloc, as an Analgesic in Primary Fibromyalgia, was authored by Dr. Gerhard L. Bach of Germany, who collected the clinical data, and Dr. Douglas B. Clement, Professor Emeritus, Division of Sports Medicine at the University of British Columbia, who compiled and analyzed the data. Professor Bach who has an academic affiliation with the Department of Medicine/Rheumatology at the University of Munich, conducted the research at Clinic Auerbach, Bensheim.

Farabloc, an electromagnetic shielding fabric, contains extremely fine stainless steel fibres and nylon, with an appearance similar to linen. This drug-free product has a significant shielding effect on high frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) while permitting low frequency EMF through which stabilize the cell by polarization. Farabloc has been successfully used by many people in dealing with conditions causing chronic pain, e.g. osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and reflex sympathetic disorder.

Dr. Bach collected data for 4 years, in two phases, the first with 126 patients and the second, 24. All were hospitalized for 21 days. Each patient wore gowns made of Farabloc or non-active placebo fabric at night. The results of those using Farabloc demonstrated a significant benefit, the authors stated in Clinical Rheumatology.

"Patients with fibromyalgia had less pain after sleeping in a gown made of Farabloc than with a placebo fabric. The changes from admission to discharge were assessed in each group separately. Statistically significant changes were shown in quantity of pain, quality of pain, and total paracetamol use."

Dr. Clement, who would be available for interviews concerning the fibromyalgia study and the history of Farabloc, stated in the past, " I have been involved in sports medicine for many years, and I never came across a product like Farabloc. This electromagnetic shielding fabric not only relieves pain but also reduces inflammation. Farabloc is an effective drug free alternative for pain reduction and injury recovery."

The current report in Clinical Rheumatology has been electronically published on the journal's web site ( The medical report is indexed by PubMed, the prestigious listing of research advances by the United States National Library of Medicine of the National Institutes of Health. This is the third article indexed by PubMed citing research studies of Farabloc. The others concerned the effective use of Farabloc in treating phantom limb pain and delayed-onset muscle soreness.

Frieder Kempe, president of Farabloc Development Corporation, began experimenting with the Faraday Cage in 1983. He used the concepts of 19th century British scientist Michael Faraday, in the hope of helping his father, an amputee deal with phantom limb pain. About the recent affirmation of his product's therapeutic impact, Kempe said:"It is satisfying in a business sense and rewarding to see theories confirmed, but it is almost overwhelming to think of how much relief this product has provided for so many people."

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