A revolution in basket and planter watering

(TORONTO, ON - October 20, 2009) - A new patented watering device for hanging baskets and planters was made public here today at the opening of Garden Expo 2009.

Al Muxlow and Harold Elzinga
The inventor Al Muxlow (left) and his business partner Harold Elzinga

The Basket/Planter Booster assures optimal plant moisture at all times, without timers or regular monitoring. It connects to any lawn faucet or water source (such as a bottle or container elevated higher than the Booster), it is very easy to install and requires little maintenance. It never over waters or under waters, conservation that is a vital consideration in many regions. Despite the perfect consistency of moisture in the planter or basket, this new invention reduces by 70 percent the water typically utilized in hand watering. All parts are rust and corrosion resistant. The system is almost invisible when installed and it can be left in place all year round. Water for the Basket/Planter Booster is gravity or pressure fed through a valve that releases drips based upon the weight of the basket or planter. There are no pressure regulators, filters or electronic components.

"We have been told many times by those who helped us during experimental and development phases that this device is reminiscent of other simple ideas that have impacted all of society: the paper clip, Scotch tape, Velcro and others," said Harold Elzinga, the Vice President of International Plant Booster Ltd. "The concept is ingeniously basic, its inexpensive and simple to use, a tribute to my partner, the inventor, Al Muxlow of Abbotsford, B.C.

Among those who participated in the Beta testing of the Plant/Basket Booster during 2008 was prominent B.C. gardening industry executive (Art Knapps and other pursuits) Bill Vander Zalm, a former Premier of British Columbia. He said: "I used the Plant Booster at my home and - without me having to lift a watering can - this remarkable new device did the job. The hanging baskets looked the best they ever did and were overflowing with blooms. And there was more good news: instead of worn and stressed-looking baskets coming down in September, they lasted until November."

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