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Solara retains communications specialist

(PORT MOODY,B.C. - February 1, 2005) - As Solara prepares for a public launch, the company has retained a communications specialist, a former broadcaster, journalist and the author of several books, who has served as a consultant to a broad range of corporations since 1989.

Gary Bannerman hosted the most successful public affairs media forum in Western Canada for 16 years, a three-hour daily network radio talk show. His firm Bannerline Corporate Communications fundamentally engages in strategic planning for communications, working closely with CEOs and principal executives of firms, and directing the development of publications, web sites, corporate videos, marketing materials, internal communications, media relations and other public thrusts. Clients engaged in transportation, urban development, education, media, horse racing and other pursuits, have ranged in size from small startups to multinationals with sales in excess of $300 million. (see

Among the specialist consultants within “The Bannerline Group” since its inception has been Richard C. Pitt, now vice-president, operations, for Solara, and the chief technology officer.

About Solara, Bannerman says: “Richard has kept me informed of this evolution for more than three years now, and I have been like a horse banging my head at the starting gate. When he finally introduced me to the founder and president, Dorn Beattie, it did not take long to be captivated by all of the enthusiasm surrounding this project. It will be exciting to help make the world aware of the astonishing potential.”



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