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Poyner Baxter
Barristers & Solicitors: James M. Poyner, Kenneth J. Baxter, Errin A. Poyner

For Immediate Release

Shaw Cablesystems sued for disclosure violation

(VANCOUVER, B.C., 4 February, 2011) - A class action lawsuit filed in the Federal Court of Canada against Calgary-based Shaw Cablesystems G.P. alleges an illegal practice with respect to the disclosure of interest charges on overdue accounts.

The suit was filed January 31, 2011 by the law firm of Poyner Baxter LLP of North Vancouver, alleging a violation of the federal Interest Act. Such a suit is typically brought in the name of one or more individuals as “representative of a class,” and, if successful, would apply to all charges imposed by Shaw on overdue accounts during the past six years pursuant to the Statute of Limitations.

"Shaw's practice of charging an interest penalty on overdue accounts is neither uncommon nor illegal, nor is the rate of two per cent," said lawyer Jim Poyner. "However, the Interest Act specifically requires that the annualized rate be fully disclosed to consumers which, in this case, istwo percent compounded monthly, effectively 26.8 per cent per annum. If not disclosed, the law is very clear: the maximum rate that can be charged is five per cent per annum."

Most firms comply with the law by clearly stating all penalties on their statements. Others provide direct links to specific information on their web sites. "No such information or direction exists on the Shaw statements. If one mines down deeply enough on the Shaw web site, the information can be found, but those who can find it deserve a prize," Poyner said.

Shaw provides cable services in multiple locations throughout Canada, principally from Thunder Bay and Sault St. Marie west, and dominantly in British Columbia and Alberta.

The Statement of Claim filed in the Federal Court cites "egregious conduct" and seeks a refund, interest and costs on behalf of all Shaw customers who paid overdue penalties during the past six years.

The complete text of the Statement of Claim can be found at


Poyner Baxter, Suite 408 - 145 Chadwick Court North Vancouver, B.C. V7M 3K1
Tel: 604.988 6321 Fax: 604.988 3632 e-mail:
web site:

Wine recalls a notorious chapter of Moose Jaw history

River Street Red, made with 100 percent Okanagan Valley cabernet sauvignon grapes, was produced by Bounty Cellars for a client who wanted to be part of the fun as Saskatchewan and, specifically, Moose Jaw, turn a wild and woolly era of history into a major tourist attraction.


Bounty Cellars CEO Ron Pennington (left) presents a bottle of RIVER STREET RED to artist Kerry Waghorn, who created the original Capone caricature for the label. The presentation was at Le Bistro Chez Michel in North Vancouver. The proprietor, prominent restaurateur Philippe Segur (right) hosted the event.

"We got rather wrapped up in this fun too, and decided an eye-catching label was essential," said Bounty Cellars President and CEO Ron Pennington. "We commissioned Kerry Waghorn to create one of his inimitable caricatures, this time Al Capone. The label design with bricks and bullet holes, was done by our graphic designer Sandy Magee of Kelowna, and his company Redsand Creative."
Several of Canada's great family fortunes had their roots in a distillery industry made prosperous during U.S. prohibition. This infamous chapter in the history of Moose Jaw has now become a high profile tourist attraction. The city earned the nickname "Little Chicago" because of its River Street neighbourhood. The area's most prominent import, the owner of several local businesses, was Chicago mobster Al Capone.

Capone was the United States' most infamous Mafia leader during prohibition.  Canada became a prime source of legally produced alcohol products, which were then illegally smuggled into the U.S. and sold in speakeasies and other outlets. Al Capone protected his source of distilled spirits by investing in a number of establishments along Moose Jaw's notorious River Street. In fact, the infamous New York gangster Dutch Schultz once sued Capone in a Saskatchewan court over a shipment of 60 cases of bad liquor. In a rare civilized resolution to a Mafia dispute, the lawsuit was withdrawn after Capone repaid Schultz. Speakeasies and entertainment offerings flourished along River Street, many of them owned by Capone and associates.

See also:

Bounty Cellars forms a strategic alliance with the spectacular new Sparkling Hill Resort

Client Bounty Cellars and BANNERLINE will jointly work with Sparkling Hill Resort and its visionary CEO Hans-Peter Mayr in the pursuit of business development. Bounty will focus on links with regional business, the provincial government, the wine industry and the creation, with the resort principals, of unique signature wine products. The BANNERLINE role will be networking within the broader hospitality industry and communications strategies.

For Immediate Release
(KELOWNA, B.C. - 17 August, 2010) - Ron Pennington, President and CEO of The Bounty Management Group Inc., is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Sparkling Hill Wellness Hotel Ltd., operators of the spectacular Sparkling Hill Resort near Vernon, B.C, above Predator Ridge.

Sparkling Hill Resort"This is a relationship for us that has been more a matter of evolution than negotiation," Pennington said. "I became so inspired by the vision of Hans-Peter Mayr and his associates as this resort developed, we found ourselves not just becoming professional friends, but the Bounty Group was able to provide counsel about all things Okanagan and British Columbia."

Read the whole news release here


Steve Halliday
Steve Halliday

DALLAS, TX (May 26, 2010) – Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, a premier manager of ultra-luxury properties throughout the world, is pleased to announce the appointment of Steve Halliday as Managing Director of Rosewood Hotel Georgia in Vancouver, B.C., Canada which is scheduled to open in early 2011. The hotel, currently undergoing a full restoration, originally opened in 1927 and now aspires to be Vancouver’s most elegant hotel, emphasizing its distinguished history. Mr. Halliday will oversee all areas of the hotel, which is being developed by Hotel Georgia Development Ltd, which is part of the Delta Group.

With four decades of experience and success in the management of luxury hotel operations, Halliday joins Rosewood Hotels & Resorts following his most recent position as founder and president of Halliday Hospitality Group, which worked directly with Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts to develop new hotels for the company. Prior to that, he spent 26 years in senior positions within the Pan Pacific Hotels Group, in Canada, the United States and Singapore. His name is synonymous with the internationally renowned Pan Pacific Vancouver, which he opened in 1986 as a centrepiece of Expo 86, the Vancouver World’s Fair. He returned to the hotel 10-years ago as Vice President and General Manager, in addition to executive responsibilities related to North American business development. Now, Halliday will manage Rosewood’s newest addition and second Canadian property to its already outstanding collection of notable properties.

Read the whole article here

Bounty Cellars

Welcome Bounty Cellars

Bounty Cellars' founders Ron Pennington and Wade Rains


Gary Bannerman writes

It has been a privilege of mine during a long media career to have met, interviewed and/or dined with some of the legendary names in the world of wine: Hugh Johnson, Robert Mondavi, Leon Adams, Alexis Lichine, Paul Bouchard, Brother Timothy of Napa, the Baroness Rothschild and many others. A few became great personal friends, such as the late Leigh Knowles Jr., the former Glen Miller orchestra member who managed the distinguished Beaulieu Vineyards (BV) of Napa Valley, and Robert N. Lindeman, a direct descendant of the founder of the Australian wine industry who had been honoured world-wide, including a special award presented by the President of France.

Through these contacts, travel and some investment, I have also had an opportunity to taste at least one vintage of just about all of the world's greatest wines, and obtained case lots of a few of them.
It goes beyond the word "admiration" (astonishment would be more accurate) to describe how I view the courage and persistence of Harry McWatters, Tony von Mandl, Dr. Joe Peller and hundreds of smaller players who have metamorphosed British Columbia's Okanagan into a prime wine growing region.

I was at a business associate's private party early in 2005 and discovered an amiable chap in the corner pouring glasses of red and white wines. I grabbed a glass of red and carried on to my next conversation. My friend was in mid-sentence when I took the first sip of wine, blurting out "wow," the factor that means the most to me - the very rare wine that commands attention. This was my first taste of Bounty Merlot. Merlot is the workhorse varietal that is the winemakers' blending dream world-wide, but which is otherwise the ultimate vin ordinaire, rarely better than mediocre. Occasionally, such as in the State of Washington, the merlot rises to greatness.

Read the whole article here

Barristers & Solicitors:
James M. Poyner, Kenneth J. Baxter, Patrick J. Poyner, Errin A. Poyner

For Immediate Release

Lawsuit claims British Airways guilty of
illegal, deliberately deceptive pricing

(VANCOUVER, B.C.,14 May, 2010) - A class action lawsuit filed here against British Airways PLC (“BA”) characterizes false “taxes” added on to advertised air fares, a practice commonplace in the aviation industry, as "high-handed, reprehensible and deserving of condemnation and punishment."

The suit was filed in April 2010, by the law firm of Poyner Baxter LLP of North Vancouver under B.C.’s “Class Proceedings Act.” Such a suit is typically brought in the name of one or more individuals as “representative of a class,” and, if successful, would apply to B.C. sales of BA tickets in which these so-called "taxes" have been charged.

Read the whole release here

BANNERLINE welcomes Bayshore Home Health

Bayshore Home HealthMay 1, 2010 - BANNERLINE has been retained by the Vancouver area office of Bayshore Home Health to assist in developing communications and business development strategies. The Vancouver office is responsible for much of Greater Vancouver and all areas of B.C. that do not have a local Bayshore home care office.

Bayshore has been enhancing the quality of life, dignity and independence of Canadians in their homes since 1966, and now has 50 home care offices and 20 community care clinics. The company has earned the internationally-respected ISO 9001 certification and it is one of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies, designated by Deloitte, CIBC Commercial Banking, the National Post, and Queen's School of Business, a mark of excellence for Canadian-owned and managed companies with revenues over $10 million.


A Watering Revolution for Planters & Hanging Baskets

Brian Minter

April 20, 2010 - Among those who are excited about the Basket Booster is internationally renowned horticulturist Brian Minter. "When I saw this, I was absolutely blown away. It is so easy, so simple, we should have thought of it before."

Another iconic name in the Canadian gardening industry, former British Columbia Premier Bill Vander Zalm, participated in the testing as the product was developed. He said: "I used the Plant Booster at my home and - without me having to lift a watering can - this remarkable new device did the job. The hanging baskets looked the best they ever did and were overflowing with blooms. And there was more good news: instead of worn and stressed-looking baskets coming down in September, they lasted until November."

Imagine a hanging basket, a planter or fence basket that could think for itself, adding just the precise amount of soil moisture as the water became necessary. The gardener's worry about temporary absences (and unexpected heat waves, rain deluges et al.) would be a thing of the past.

Would that be magic?

The Basket Booster is a weight-sensitive valve that drips water when the basket weight is reduced, but stops dripping after an optimal weight is reached. For hanging baskets, the weight is suspended from the valve. For planters, the valve is wedged underneath.

How it works

The valve is connected by one-eighth inch tubing to a water supply (either gravity-fed from a container positioned higher than the basket/planter or a faucet). Tee-connectors can link several baskets or planters, each served by its own valve. The valve is weight sensitive. When the planter or basket is first set up, the gardener ensures that the soil moisture is perfect, and then sets the valve to be closed at precisely that point. As soil dries, the basket/planter weight drops and the valve drips water. It stops once the ideal weight is regained. The thin green tubing and the Booster valve can easily be discreetly hidden from view.

Consider these advantages:

  • Optimal soil moisture at all times. The consistency of watering, irrespective of the gardener's monitoring, extends the life and beauty of all plants. Never over waters or under waters.
  • Lawn faucet or gravity fed watering means no pressure regulators, filters or electronic components, nor any batteries to change.
  • Possibly the most important advance represented by the Booster is the environmental impact: the device uses 70 percent less water than what is typical with hand-watering; and, since many gardeners also add some fertilizer within their watering process, at least 50 percent less fertilizer is required.
  • If fertilizer is applied independently of the water, none is leached out with excess water loss, since there never is excess water.
  • The Booster is a boon to apartment dwellers, who can use a water container installed higher than the plants, letting gravity automatically supply the watering system. Similarly, cottage owners can use this approach, confident that hanging baskets and planters will remain perfectly watered during extended absences.


A Vision: North Okanagan Equine Centre

More than one quarter of British Columbia's known population of 100,000 horses can be found within a 100 km radius of the City of Vernon, in the province's North Okanagan. This became the focal point of a 2009 report prepared by Gary Bannerman for the Okanagan Equestrian Society, the operators of thoroughbred horse racing at Vernon's historic Kin Park.

2009 BANNERLINE report titled Horse Racing in the Okanagan - Historic Kin Park and the Future

Live horse racing (both thoroughbred and standardbred) in Vernon dates back to the late 1800s. Thoroughbred racing continues for a few days each summer, making Kin Park the most historic venue in the Canadian sport. Racing in Eastern Canada is much older, but the race meets have moved through a succession of tracks over the years.

In more recent history, the City of Vernon has grown to surround the track, and Kin Park now serves many activities each year. In the view of regional parks management, a few days of live horse racing each year stands in the way of the development of a multipurpose, year-round recreational zone. A dispute has arisen as to the ownership of this property. The Equestrian Society argues that it holds title to the core acreage of Kin Park although it has been maintained by local government. Unless the racetrack and infrastructure necessary to maintain the thoroughbred sport can be sustainably relocated, the Society says it will use every legal means possible in defence of its title.

The 2009 BANNERLINE report titled Horse Racing in the Okanagan - Historic Kin Park and the Future outlined a vision that would make the North Okanagan an important focal point for multiple equine activities, including racing, equestrian competition, training, a veterinary hospital and rehabilitation centre, and shows of various descriptions. Central to this would be a new racetrack location.

On April 9, 2010, the Board of Directors of the Regional District of North Okanagan, consisting of Mayors and Councillors from the region's municipalities, and representatives of unincorporated areas, approved Phase 2 of this work, the crafting of Terms of Reference for a major feasibility study.

Evaleen Jaager Roy displays page proofs of her book for prominent nursery industry executive and former British Columbia Premier Bill Vander Zalm.
Evaleen Jaager Roy displays page proofs of her book for prominent nursery industry executive and former British Columbia Premier Bill Vander Zalm.

Four Chefs One Garden
Gary Bannerman congratulates Evaleen Jaager Roy on the publication of Four Chefs One Garden

My friend Darcy Rezac, managing director of the Vancouver Board of Trade, phoned me one day during 2008 to arrange an introduction to a business associate of his, a senior executive with a multinational corporation. The friend was Evaleen Jaager Roy, a Harvard MBA who not only climbed the corporate ladder, but who had served with distinction on community boards as well, most notably the YWCA and the Simon Fraser University Board of Governors.

Darcy, a published author himself, explained that Evaleen had a unique idea for a book and that perhaps I might help guide her in the next steps.

It was impossible not to be both charmed and inspired by Evaleen's enthusiasm, determination and logic. In fact, it has been so much fun tracking her progress that the book became simply a good excuse for the next meeting.

With the help of mutual friend Umberto Menghi and three other noted chefs, the food content became fascinating stories, recipes and gorgeous photos. We introduced her to prominent names in the local gardening field - Elaine Stevens, Brian Minter and former Premier Bill Vander Zalm - and each of them became good stories. To further illustrate the west coast lifestyle that became the theme of the book, a meeting with internationally syndicated caricaturist Kerry Waghorn - a neighbour - grew into another feature.

It became apparent as the project marched toward publication that there were gaps in the four seasons photography, and my wife Patricia stepped into the breach with her usual extraordinary images, some taken specifically for the purpose.

Evaleen contracted with Peter Legge's talented team at Canada-Wide Media and the designers there turned this miscellaneous assembly of stories, philosophy, personality profiles, gardening advice and images into a terrific book.

Look for it soon in bookstores, leading garden centres or through on-line sellers. Start with the website


Ryan Skomorowski (The Hotel Baru Resort) and Paul T. Clough (Queen Charlotte Lodge)
Managing Directors Ryan Skomorowski (The Hotel Baru Resort) and Paul T. Clough (Queen Charlotte Lodge) are now hosting big game fishing charters in Costa Rica, months before the resort is completed.


The developers of The Hotel Baru at Dominical on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica have joint ventured with Queen Charlotte Lodge management for big game and inshore sports fishing.

Surrounded by hundreds of square miles of lush tropical vegetation and national wildlife preserves, the fishing potential is breathtaking. Several world records have been established in the area.
read the whole news release here

Greenscape Capital signing
Bryan Slusarchuk, the CEO and Director of Greenscape Capital Group Inc., and Ryan Skomorowski, the CEO of Green.Switch Capital, sign a Letter of Intent in Vancouver November 4, 2009. Greenscape will acquire all issued shares of Greenswitch Capital Ltd.

Greenscape Capital Announces 100%
Acquisition of Green.Switch

(VANCOUVER, Nov. 5, 2009) - Greenscape Capital Group Inc. (TSXV: - GRN) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a letter of intent (the "LOI") to acquire 100 percent of the issued and outstanding shares of Greenswitch Capital Ltd. ("Green.Switch") via a share transaction based on Earnings Before Income Tax, Depreciation and Amortization ("EBITDA"). Green.Switch has recently signed two major environmental (energy retrofit) contracts, one with Robbins Parking Services, headquartered in Victoria, B.C., Canada and one with Queen Charlotte Lodge at Naden Harbour near Masset, B.C., Canada.

read the whole news release here

A revolution in basket and planter watering
(TORONTO, ON - October 20, 2009) - A new patented watering device for hanging baskets and planters was made public here today at the opening of Garden Expo 2009.

Al Muxlow and Harold Elzinga
The inventor Al Muxlow (left) and his business partner Harold Elzinga

The Basket/Planter Booster assures optimal plant moisture at all times, without timers or regular monitoring. It connects to any lawn faucet or water source (such as a bottle or container elevated higher than the Booster), it is very easy to install and requires little maintenance. It never over waters or under waters, conservation that is a vital consideration in many regions. Despite the perfect consistency of moisture in the planter or basket, this new invention reduces by 70 percent the water typically utilized in hand watering. All parts are rust and corrosion resistant. The system is almost invisible when installed and it can be left in place all year round. Water for the Basket/Planter Booster is gravity or pressure fed through a valve that releases drips based upon the weight of the basket or planter. There are no pressure regulators, filters or electronic components.
read the whole news release here

Registrar warns motor vehicle
consumers to watch for hidden fees
(SURREY, B.C. - 14 October, 2009) - The Registrar of Motor Dealers, Ken Smith, has urged vehicle buyers to make sure they know all of the costs they may face before concluding a purchase agreement.

"So-called 'documentation fees' and other extra charges undisclosed in vehicle advertising, are often added after the customer believes a final price has been negotiated," Smith said. "As in everything else, prices that seem 'too good to be true' most often are not true."
read the whole news release here

Kerry Waghorn originals103 originals released for sale
(NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada - 20 March, 2009) - For the first time since 2004, renowned caricaturist Kerry Waghorn has released a selection of his original works for sale.

Since being founded by Chronicle Features in San Francisco in 1977, Kerry's Faces in the News feature became an international journalistic legend. Now represented by Universal Press Syndicate, his work has appeared in more than 400 publications in about 60 countries. The Waghorn archives, over the full-span of a 40-year career, contain 9,000 original images.

"We get enquiries all the time about the purchase of originals, but there are a few obstacles: I am very attached to these drawings and even when persuaded to part with one, I feel obligated to give the right of first refusal to the subject or their family, and, on top of that, I am invariably too busy with new work to retrieve them and prepare them for sale."
read the whole news release here

Queen Charlotte fishing lodge welcomes "the jet age"
(RICHMOND, B.C. -25 April, 2008) - British Columbia's world acclaimed salmon fishing in the remote northern reaches of the Queen Charlotte Islands, will take another giant stride this season as Air North 737 charter jet service speeds the sports adventurer guests to Masset, en route to Queen Charlotte Lodge (QCL) on Naden Harbour. From Masset, Helijet takes over with a luxury high-speed shuttle to the Lodge.

"This is yet another step in our determination to make our area - and Queen Charlotte Lodge in particular - the pre-eminent salmon fishing destination in the world," said QCL's managing partner Paul T. Clough. "When we announced the Helijet service in 2005, the speed and luxury comfort excited our whole industry. We are now confident that Air North as a partner, with their legendary experience in wilderness air and cargo service and their 737 comfort for most of our guests, will take us to yet another level."
read the whole article here

Oct 30-Nov 5, 2007; Issue 940

SFU eyed for mega-sports centre
Private company’s plan calls for a $250 million facility
that could include a World Doping Agency lab

By Andrew Petrozzi

North America’s second largest multi-use sport-medical facility could soon call Simon Fraser University’s Burnaby Mountain campus home.

The $250 million Burnaby Mountain Sport + Medical (BMSM) private sector development would include:

  • a 5,000-seat field house and 2,000-seat aquatic centre with two new synthetic turf fields atop the two structures;
  • a sport science medical and office complex;
  • a fitness centre;
  • a 1,500-stall parking garage;
  • a commercial and retail component; and
  • a proposed World Anti-Doping Agency laboratory.

BMSM at SFUThe project, which is scheduled to break ground next year, would be built on lands at the west end of campus that the university had earmarked for the Olympic speed skating oval before it was moved to Richmond.

The overall project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2010, although some parts of it would be open earlier.

SFU would provide approximately nine acres of land for a nominal $25 for a 99-year lease and would in turn get majority use of the field house and substantial use of the rest of the facilities.

The project’s developer would cover the operating and maintenance costs.
read the whole article here

Milburn leads new economic development initiative

Veteran thoroughbred horse owner, trainer and industry executive David Milburn, a lawyer by profession, has been appointed to chair a new thrust to assess the economic foundation of both standardbred and thoroughbred horse racing in B.C., and to prepare an action plan for the future, exploring a "competition committee" model used successfully to manage the development of other professional sports.

David MilburnA representative committee of racetrack managers, horse people (owners, trainers, association executives), marketers, communications specialists and horseplayers has been formed to explore what might be the best model for the future. Assisting in the project is Sam Hawkins, the Director of the Horse Racing Division, of the B.C. government's Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch.

The vice-chair and secretary of the new committee is BANNERLINE's Gary Bannerman, who was also vice-chair of the B.C. Racing Commission's Economic Development Committee in 2000-2001, and author of the committee's 40,000-word report, The Road to Recovery. Milburn was also chair of that project.

HastingsFraser Downs

The new committee has evolved from 15-years of B.C. initiatives designed to stop the steady erosion of horse racing's prominence among sports and entertainment options, and within the otherwise booming gaming industry. read the whole article here

New VSA web site launched

Vehiclesalesauthority.comThe regulatory authority for retail motor vehicle sales in British Columbia has gone through a complete new identity process during the past year. Formerly known as the Motor Dealer Council of B.C., it was believed that the old name was a disservice to the multifaceted role of the agency, equally dedicated to consumers and sales professionals as it is to servicing and regulating motor dealers.

BANNERLINE has been pleased to play a lead role in this process, and principally the work of graphic designer Christopher Clark of Serengeti Design Group Inc., Nigel Harvey of Pacific Printing and web designer Doug Cook of DigiCom WebDesign. Vehicle photography on the site is by Patricia Bannerman.

The projects were directed by the VSA's Diana Den Duyf, Director, Finance and Operations; and, Judy McRae, Manager, Corporate Services & Communications, with inputs from the entire VSA management team.

Vancouver spine conference: Regeneration breakthrough nears for discss

(VANCOUVER, B.C. 29 April, 2007) - Dr. Mark Erwin, a Toronto medical research scientist, told a conference here this weekend that he and his team are pursuing a breakthrough that could eliminate expensive and painful surgery for thousands of patients suffering from degenerative disc disease.

Panel discussion
Three of the research scientists who presented at the conference participated in a lively panel discussion. Harvard Medical School's Dr. Gerald Bove (right) makes a point while Dr. Simon Dagenais (left) of the University of Ottawa and Dr. Mark Erwin, University of Toronto/Toronto Western Hospital, look on.


Dr. Erwin, a chiropractor who also has a PhD as a scientist, is an Assistant Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Toronto and Toronto Western Hospital. He holds the Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation (CCRF) and Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Chiropractic Research Chair at the University of Toronto.

The conference brought together some of the foremost research scientists in the world today dealing with neurophysiological issues. The British Columbia Chiropractic Association (BCCA), with the support of the School of Human Kinetics at the University of British Columbia and the School of Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University, hosted these distinguished doctors and scientists from several universities and major hospitals in Canada and the U.S., including one from Harvard Medical School.

One of the speakers, Dr. Greg Kawchuk of the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary said he was grateful to meet so many distinguished leaders in the field, adding that it is very rare that they have an opportunity to compare notes. "There is no clubhouse where we all hang out. This is a historic event, bringing us all together," Dr. Kawchuk said.

Dr. Erwin's report was eagerly anticipated by all of the doctors and scientists attending. He told the conference about his team's work concerning the biology of notochord cells and degenerative disease of the intervertebral disc. The investigation concerns the production of proteoglycan by nucleus pulposus chondrocytes and various aspects of cell signalling. This research is essential to enhancing our understanding of and the pathophysiology of this process.
Read the complete press release here (PDF)

Gotlib honoured by standing ovation

The Executive-Director of the Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation (CCRF), Dr. Allan Gotlib, who has been instrumental in the establishment of research chairs at several Canadian universities, was honoured by his colleagues at the Vancouver Conference, Research 2007: The Spine Care Revolution.

Dr. Gotlib (right) acknowledges the standing ovation
Dr. Gotlib (right) acknowledges the standing ovation. To his right is conference organizer Dr. Don Nixdorf (Vancouver) and Dr. Jill Hayden (Toronto), one of the scientific presenters.

Some of the foremost research scientists in the world today dealing with neurophysiological issues delivered papers at the April 27-28 conference, organized by the British Columbia Chiropractic Association, with the support of the School of Human Kinetics at the University of British Columbia, the School of Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University and CCRF.

When luncheon speaker Dr. Chris Martin of New Westminster, B.C., president of CCRF, thanked Dr. Gotlib for his years of work and commended him for the quantum leap in musculoskeletal research at major institutions, the response was a prolonged standing ovation from both the delegates - most of them doctors - and the eminent scientists in attendance.

The CCRF is the chiropractic profession’s primary national research funding organization and has been supporting worthy research projects since 1976. CCRF grants assist doctors of chiropractic to obtain their Masters and PhD degrees and to establish themselves in multidisciplinary research positions. The CCRF has also been instrumental in partnering with organizations such as the federal Canadian Institute for Health Research to establish Chiropractic Research Chairs in universities across the country.

Regulator of motor vehicle sales gets new name

BURNABY, B.C. (March 30, 2007) - As of this date, the Motor Dealer Council of B.C. (MDC) has become the Motor Vehicle Sales Authority of British Columbia (VSA), a new name for a new era, better reflecting both the public and industry service roles of the independent regulatory agency, ending any confusion with other business organizations.

MDC was created in 2004, one of the first examples in the province of a "delegated administrative authority," an innovative and alternative approach to the administration of the Motor Dealer Act, and other statutes that relate to consumers and motor vehicle sales. The VSA licenses and regulates more than 1,700 motor dealers and over 8,000 sales professionals, who engage in the retail sale of automobiles, light trucks, motorcycles and recreation vehicles. Read the press release here (PDF)

International Medical Journal Reports Success in Easing Fibromyalgia Pain

VANCOUVER (23 January, 2007) - A distinguished British medical journal, Clinical Rheumatology, has just published an article concerning the remarkable pain-reduction results of Farabloc, developed and manufactured by a Vancouver-headquartered company, in studies of patients suffering from fibromyalgia.

Frieder K. Kempe (left), the inventor and developer of Farabloc, has worked with distinguished researchers and institutions around the world for over 20 years. Here he is shown with Dr. Don Nixdorf, Executive Director of the British Columbia Chiropractic Association. Clinical trials conducted by Nixdorf and several other doctors have demonstrated Farabloc's effectiveness in treating carpal tunnel syndrome, reflex sympathetic disorder, menstrual cramps and many other conditions. The product is formally endorsed by the British Columbia Chiropractic Association.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition characterized by fatigue and widespread pain in muscles, ligaments and tendons, creating multiple tender points. This rheumatic condition creates chronic pain at these tender points disturbing most normal activities. There is a predominance of women among those afflicted with the disease. Symptoms vary among patients from mild to severe but cures have been virtually non-existent. Debilitating side effects complicate many therapies based on chronic drug use.

The research report, The Efficacy of Farabloc, as an Analgesic in Primary Fibromyalgia, was authored by Dr. Gerhard L. Bach of Germany, who collected the clinical data, and Dr. Douglas B. Clement, Professor Emeritus, Division of Sports Medicine at the University of British Columbia, who compiled and analyzed the data. Professor Bach who has an academic affiliation with the Department of Medicine/Rheumatology at the University of Munich, conducted the research at Clinic Auerbach, Bensheim.

Farabloc, an electromagnetic shielding fabric, contains extremely fine stainless steel fibres and nylon, with an appearance similar to linen. This drug-free product has a significant shielding effect on high frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) while permitting low frequency EMF through which stabilize the cell by polarization. Farabloc has been successfully used by many people in dealing with conditions causing chronic pain, e.g. osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and reflex sympathetic disorder.  Read the complete press release here


Squandering Billions continues during the "B.C. Conversation on Health"

RICHMOND (6 November, 2006) - A respected American think tank, in a report released last week in Washington, D.C., was the latest to criticize inefficiencies within health management in Canada, diagnostic mistakes and a failure to effectively use electronic records. Other studies have condemned the alarming growth of pharmaceutical costs, and chronic adverse events, yet the only debate seems to be how many more billions can be found to spend, with little or no effort made to link spending to patient outcomes. Read the complete press release here

Fedex and UPS "arrogant, deliberately unlawful and exploitative,"
court cases will prove

(VANCOUVER, B.C., 27 October, 2006) - A class action law suit filed here Thursday against Fedex parallels one commenced against United Parcel Services Canada Ltd. (UPS) last week. The actions concern the assessment of uncontracted "brokerage" fees on United States products delivered to Canada, a charge not specified in the sales contract.

The suits have been filed by the law firm of Poyner Baxter LLP of North Vancouver under B.C.’s "Class Proceedings Act." Such a suit is typically brought in the name of one or more individuals as “representative of a class,” and, if successful, would apply to every such brokerage charge levied on Fedex and UPS customers in this province. In the examples cited in the two actions, the claimants were each charged fees in the $30 - $40 range for a service which could have been provided by Canada Post for five dollars.

Poyner Baxter are working closely with the prominent Ontario law firm Siskinds, headquartered in London, and lawyer Daniel Bach, in a national legal strategy to ensure that every Canadian victim of these unconscionable practices is represented. Actions will imminently commence in Ontario and elsewhere.
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B.C. Crime Stoppers win prestigious international awards

VANCOUVER (12 October, 2006) - Greater Vancouver and Prince George Crime Stoppers earned prestigious honours earlier this month at the annual Crime Stoppers International Conference at Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The conference celebrated the 30th anniversary of Crime Stoppers, which now has 1,400 programs in 23 countries. British Columbia programs were among the earliest pioneers.

Among the awards presented for 2005 were:

  • CIVILIAN OF THE YEAR - Shirley Stocker, among the founders of Crime Stoppers in B.C. and the current provincial president.
  • MOST PROPERTY RECOVERED - Greater Vancouver Crime Stoppers
  • BEST RADIO - SPECIAL REPORTS/FEATURES (communities 400,000 - 750,000) - CKNW AM 980 and MOJO Radio, and Greater Vancouver Crime Stoppers.
  • BEST NEWSPAPER/SPECIAL REPORTS FEATURES (communities 75,000 - 250,000) - Prince George Free Press and Prince George Crime Stoppers

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Chiropractic research professorship awarded at UBC

(RICHMOND, B.C., 12 October, 2006) - The Faculty of Education and the School of Human Kinetics at the University of British Columbia announced here today the appointment of Dr. Jean-Sebastien Blouin as Assistant Professor in Human Kinetics in the named position, Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation Professorship in Spine Biomechanics and Neuro-Physiology.

The British Columbia Chiropractic Association (BCCA), the School of Human Kinetics, other UBC professionals and the Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation, cooperatively evolved this landmark education and research advance.

"It is an honour and a privilege for our profession to participate in the distinguished research tradition of this great university," said Dr. Don Nixdorf, the executive director of the BCCA . "We are obviously grateful to the Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation, but even more importantly, to all of the individual family chiropractors who support research and education in BC.
Read the complete press release here

Class action suit seeks refund of unlawfully collected school fees

(VANCOUVER, B.C., 5 October, 2006) - A class action suit filed today in the Supreme Court of B.C. against the provincial government claims on behalf of parents a refund of unlawfully collected school fees.

The suit was filed Thursday by the law firm of Poyner Baxter LLP of North Vancouver under B.C.’s "Class Proceedings Act." Such a suit is typically brought in the name of one or more individuals as "representative of a class," and, if successful, would apply to every unlawful fee payment collected in the province, past and present.

In today's action, the Statement of Claim cites the father of two North Vancouver students, one currently in Grade 10 and the other in Grade 8. They had been assessed additional fees since kindergarten, and the law suit lists special charges this year totaling $169.50 for one student, and $165 for the other.r.
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March 21-27, 2006; issue 856

Profile: Ken Smith
Auto pilot
By Andrew Petrozzi

Education and professional development are just as important as enforcement when it comes to regulating the province’s motor vehicle industry, according to Ken Smith, the 58-year-old inaugural president and registrar of the Motor Dealer Council of British Columbia. .

With his extensive background in mediation, law, regulatory regimes and education, Smith was a natural choice to lead the newly created industry council when it started operations in April 2004.

Instead of demonizing the industry by keying on enforcement, Smith focused his approach on improving it through education, licensing and professional training, while ensuring those who broke the rules were held accountable.

“We’re an independent regulatory agency that has been delegated the authority to use certain pieces of legislation to create a successful marketplace,” said Smith, whose modest corner office is located at MDC’s headquarters in a Burnaby industrial park and features pictures and images of his passions – family and sailing.

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Prominent Prince George auto dealers fined

BURNABY, B.C. (6 January, 2006)
Northland Dodge Chrysler Ltd. and Northland Motor Holdings Ltd. of Prince George have been disciplined by the Registrar of Motor Dealers for a consistent pattern of unacceptable business practices. Northland Dodge Chrysler has been fined $50,000. Northland Motor Holdings Ltd., which also does business as Northland Hyundai, was fined $10,000.

In his ruling, the Registrar, Ken Smith, cited a number of violations to the Motor Dealer Act and the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act, including a failure to clearly identify dealer ownership in their advertising; incorrect pricing of vehicles on display; the employment of unlicensed salespersons; failure to disclose "total asking price" of vehicles; improper pricing and innumerable "deceptive" advertising practices.

Read the complete press release here

Class action suit seeks repayment of PST on legal fees

(VANCOUVER, B.C., 22 December, 2005) - If a Supreme Court of B.C. class action suit filed here yesterday is successful, the provincial government may have to refund hundreds of millions of dollars in illegally collected sales tax on legal services since 1993.

The suit was filed by the law firm of Poyner Baxter LLP of North Vancouver, which works predominantly in the field of class action suits. The action follows a December 20 majority decision of the British Columbia Court of Appeal, granting "a declaration that to the extent that the Act purports to tax legal services related to the determination of rights and obligations by courts of law or independent administrative tribunals, it is unconstitutional as offending the principal of access to justice, one of the elements of the rule of law."

"This has been a shocking situation... Read the rest of the press release here

Dealer licenses cancelled

BURNABY, B.C. (3 November, 2005) The Registrar of Motor Dealers has cancelled the licenses of Mirage Auto Sales Ltd. of Burnaby and New Westminster, citing that this company has "persistently" operated in an improper fashion, and that "this dealer has little or no respect for the laws in British Columbia as they apply to selling motor vehicles to the general public."

In his ruling, the Registrar, Ken Smith, stated that Mirage principals have been uncooperative with MDC investigators and failed to heed numerous warnings. Named in the Mirage ruling were the owner, Alireza Ghavami and his son Amir Reza Ghavami, (Tony).

The Motor Dealer Council is an administrative authority established pursuant to the laws of British Columbia and has been delegated the responsibility of administering the Motor Dealer Act and related regulations. The legislation requires that all businesses selling motor vehicles to the public in British Columbia, and all salespersons working for those businesses, be properly licensed. The Registrar of Motor Dealers issues and oversees the administration of these licenses.

The Registrar said... The complete press release may be read here

Ownership change at Venue West
Venue West(Vancouver, B.C., 22 July, 2005) - Nils and Sue Daugulis have acquired all shares and assets of Vancouver’s preeminent conference management firm, Venue West Conference Services Ltd..

Sue DaugulisEarlier this year it had been announced that Sue Daugulis, a travel industry veteran and long-time friend of Venue West and its founder, the late Betty Fata, had joined the company in the capacity of vice-president, marketing, and a member of the Board of Directors. She now becomes president, succeeding Lou Cox, one of Venue West's founders. Her husband Nils, a partner in the law firm of Bull, Housser and Tupper, will serve as chief executive officer, while continuing in the practice of law.

"We view this as more of a transition than a departure from Venue West's legacy," Sue Daugulis said. "The three surviving partners will remain as consultants, available as needed, and it will be business as usual for the outstanding staff, clients and international networks."
Read the complete press release here

Boatswain's call launches "The Heritage District"
Former Vancouver mayor Owen named "Honourary President"

(VANCOUVER, B.C., 29 June, 2005) - In a ceremony presided over by former mayor Philip W. Owen, a naval officer sounded a "Boatswain's call" here tonight, to inaugurate "The Heritage District on Hastings West", a neighbourhood offering the most prestigious concentration of luxury retail stores in Western Canada, including some of the world's most renowned brands.

A naval officer sounding a "Boatswain's call"Mr. Owen was assisted by prominent historian Chuck Davis who related some of the history of the street and particularly the 1929 start of construction of the renowned Marine Building. Excavation for that structure commenced when the mayor of the day, W.H. Malkin, blew a golden whistle. Malkin, like Owen, was a noted retailer and wholesaler.

The Hastings Waterfront Business Association was incorporated late in 2004 to represent member businesses, expected to grow in time to include adjacent streets and nearby waterfront locations. Their choice of a marketing brand honours the prestigious history of this area.
See the press release for the whole story & more pictures

Eli Lilly must treat Canadian Zyprexa
victims the same as Americans

 Zyprexa(NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C., 13 June, 2005) -Drug giant Eli Lilly and Company announced last week a $US 690 million offer to settle 5,000 claims emanating from the negative side-effects of Zyprexa, a drug prescribed for the treatment of schizophrenia and conditions such as bipolar disorder.
See the press release for the whole story

Squandering Billions: Health Care in Canada,New Bannerman-Nixdorf book, a shocker!
(VANCOUVER, 16 May, 2005) - A new book authored by Gary Bannerman and Dr. Don Nixdorf, a brutally frank indictment of health spending and mismanagement in Canada, will be released near the end of June, 2005...

...Squandering Billions demonstrates that the absolute power of medical doctors, pharmaceutical companies, health bureaucrats and hospital administrators, enshrines mediocrity at the expense of patients. Read the press release - More book details here

Keeling named Vice-President,   Racing Operations, Great Canadian Gaming Chuck KeelingCorporation  
(VANCOUVER, 24 March, 2005) - At a news conference here today, Great Canadian Gaming Corporation (GCGC), announced the appointment of Chuck Keeling as Vice-President, Racing Operations, responsible for Hastings Racecourse in Vancouver, Fraser Downs in Surrey, Sandown Park near Victoria, and other horse racing interests.
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Great Canadian Gaming Corporation

Prominent tourism marketer joins Venue West
Venue West, founded in 1970, has been instrumental in attracting to Vancouver and managing all services related to some of the most prestigious international congresses ever held in Western Canada. Betty Fata, who died early in 2004, was the most publicly prominent member of this professional team, a past-president of the International Association of Professional Congress Organizers.

Sue Daugulis and Betty Fata had been close personal friends for over 25 years, as they pursued separate careers within the tourism industry. It is Betty’s dynamic sales and marketing role that she has now been asked to fill.
See press releasese

Government’s sincerity on Woodlands questioned
(NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C., 3 March, 2005) - Lawyers behind a class action law suit brought on behalf of an estimated 1,500 former residents of Woodlands School, most severely handicapped, questioned government comments earlier this week in the Legislature.

On Monday, 15 victims of abuse at Woodlands, and their caregivers, travelled to Victoria. They met with Opposition MLAs and were introduced in the Legislature. When New Democratic Party members Joy MacPhail and Jenny Kwan put questions to Premier Gordon Campbell, evasive responses came from Children and Family Development Minister Stan Hagen and Finance Minister Colin Hansen.
See release for more

British Columbia class action suits target Celebrex and Zyprexa
Two more prescription drugs have become the subject of British Columbia class action law suits, with victims claiming that the pharmaceutical companies involved “knew or ought to have known” that these products, proposed to treat certain conditions, had disastrous side effects.....
See release for more

An incredible day for B.C. horse racing
Fraser DownsThe opening of the full casino at Fraser Downs in November, 2004, and a referendum victory focused on the redevelopment of Sandown Park, near Victoria, marked the successful conclusion of an 8-year campaign to win for horse racing fairer levels of taxation, better government policy and permission to participate in the broader gaming environment.

Sandown ParkThe complete $25 million reconstruction of Fraser Downs will be completed in April 2005. The same modern, high quality redevelopment will soon commence at Sandown, although more modest in scale.

But the big news at year-end was the sale of the business to Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, which had consolidated ownership of Hastings Park and the thoroughbred sector earlier in 2004.
This Fraser Downs news release tells the story.

British Columbians sue Sony
(NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C., 22 November, 2004) - Defective Sony wide screen television sets are the focus of a class action lawsuit initiated on behalf of British Columbia consumers.

The action against Sony concerns numerous models of wide screen Rear Projection Cathode Ray Tube televisions and was filed by the law firm of Poyner Baxter of North Vancouver, which works predominantly in the field of class action suits.
Read the whole release herere

BC Chiropractic Association approves new WCB agreement
(RICHMOND, B.C., 4 November, 2004) - British Columbia’s Doctors of Chiropractic have approved a new four-year agreement with the province’s Workers Compensation Board.

Back injuries and problems related to the spine constitute the second most frequent cause of WCB claims (about 25% of all claims costs), impacting employees, employers and the economy in the hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Claims and disputes involving back issues are by far the most constant and costly faced by the WCB.
Read the whole release here

Vioxx class action Initiated for British Columbians
(NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C., 4 October, 2005) - British Columbians who may have been put at risk because of the drug VIOXX, will be represented in a class action law suit filed October 1, 2004, in the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

The suit against Merck Frosst Canada Ltd. and associated firms, developers and promoters of VIOXX, was initiated by the law firm of Poyner Baxter of North Vancouver, which works predominantly in the field of class action suits. It will parallel similar litigation worldwide..
Read the whole release here


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