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Gary Bannerman
Strategic planning, project design, budgeting communications audits, writing & publications.

Gary Bannerman is a veteran journalist, publisher, public affairs broadcaster and the author of several books. He has served on the board of directors of corporations of various sizes, and as a communications consultant to CEOs and senior management of many companies. His work has been honoured by numerous prestigious awards. 
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Shirley Stocker
Project structure & management, conceptual development executive media liaison and client relations.

Shirley Stocker is among the most admired and accomplished women in Canadian broadcasting, as an executive producer, journalist and performer, through a long career with both CBC (Ottawa & B.C.) and CKNW in Vancouver. Closely linked with major charities and public safety concerns, she has been accorded international honours by Crimestoppers, of which she is the current British Columbia president. She formerly served on the Mayor's Urban Safety Commission in Vancouver.
Andrew Petrozzi
Research, writing and project co-ordination.

Andrew Petrozzi is a Senior Writer with the respected publication Business in Vancouver, with a background at major dailies and as Managing Editor of a community paper in the B.C. Interior. He has an undergraduate degree from Toronto's York University and a Master of Journalism degree from the University of British Columbia. Andrew has contributed stories to various Bannerline publications and served as the principal researcher for the British Columbia Racing Commission's Economic Development Committee in 2000-2001, leading to the BANNERLINE authored and published report, THE ROAD TO RECOVERY.
David Ingram
Financial advisor and advisor on Canada-U.S. tax considerations, most notably as applied to the motion picture, entertainment and transportation industries.

David Ingram, a broadcaster, author and one of Canada's foremost authorities on tax and personal finance, has been a de facto director of BANNERLINE since the firm was founded in 1974. His expertise has benefited - directly or indirectly - every project undertaken by the company, and is available to clients when appropriate.
Patricia Bannerman
Creative director, research, copy editor

Educated in art in her native England, Patricia Bannerman has supervised the content and illustration of innumerable publications, including research, copy editing and photography. She is the co-owner of Bannerline Enterprises Ltd., building the firm with her husband Gary since incorporation.
Douglas Cook
Webmaster, Web Designer

Doug's company, DigiCom WebDesign, has designed award-winning web sites for an international clientele, including many BANNERLINE customers and projects. His work for an impressive list of clients includes, which averages 20 million visitors a year. Profiled frequently in international media, the vast site covers its topic from anthropological roots and history to the tattoo in modern culture. The New York Times cites Vanishing Tattoo as the number one tattoo information resource on the Internet.
Richard Pitt
Internet Systems, Web and Business Integration

Richard is among the preeminent pioneers of the Internet industry. He and partner Stuart Lynne launched Canada's first commercial ISP, in 1986, mentioned frequently for years on CTV National News. It was a logical progression for his personal firm, Pacific Data Capture. From an early career in photography and graphic design, Pitt evolved through retail management and sales in the high tech industry to his present consulting business dealing with all manner of business technical integration, specializing in integration with the Internet.
Richard Pitt is among the Canadian computer industry's most frequently quoted personalities. He has been interviewed by or contributed articles to scores of publications of all sizes, over the years, and appeared as an expert guest on countless numbers of radio and television shows.

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  • Conference & Event Management

BANNERLINE has worked closely with Venue West Conference Services, the leading congress and event management firm in western Canada for more than a generation. Founded by the recently-deceased Betty Fata, a Vancouver legend, and partner Lou Cox, the Venue West team is internationally renowned, with offices in Toronto and Vancouver, and associates around the world.

  • Video & Film

Gary Payne is an award-winning producer of documentaries, commercials, corporate videos and the theatrical motion picture Kootenai Brown. His numerous projects for BANNERLINE have included a $150,000 network television documentary about mental health and aging produced for the Chicago-based International Psychogeriatric Association. Taping took place in Vancouver, Seattle and the United Kingdom.

  • Photography

Lloyd Sutton (commercial, creative) and Patricia Bannerman (news, client relations and creative). Lloyd Sutton is among Western Canada's most accomplished commercial photographers. Each year, his assignments take him quite literally around the world.

  • Graphic Design

Senior designers at Pacific Western Print Group have been responsible for many of the BANNERLINE publications since 1995, including work for the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association, the B.C. Chiropractic Association, EasyPark, Farabloc Development Corporation, British Columbia Ferry Corporation, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the British Columbia horse racing industry, Fraser Downs Raceway, Sandown Park and other clients.

On specialty projects and a considerable volume of work for clients such as the Motor Vehicle Sales Authority of B.C., horse racing interests and Imperial Parking Limited, Christopher Clark of Serengeti Design Group, has been the key designer. He is a leader in the field in British Columbia, the leading designer for BANNERLINE since 1990.

  • Printing & Publishing

Nigel Harvey, who has a personal background in photography and graphic design and his Pacific Western Print Group, have handled most BANNERLINE printing during the past 15 years. We are among an impressive list of clients.

BANNERLINE works with many other printers for assignments of a varying nature, from simple brochures to coffee table books. Principal among these has been David Hancock of Hancock House Publishers, who has advised on many projects, and published two BANNERLINE books: The Ships of British Columbia (1985) and Collingwood School, the First Ten Years (1994).

  • Advertising & Marketing

In matters related to advertising, media purchases and marketing strategies, BANNERLINE has worked with some of the leaders in the field, including Stephen Vrlak, now a consultant to the Vancouver office of the international giant, PUBLICIS.  Vrlak served for a generation as Chair of the Advertising Standards Council of British Columbia.

  • Original Art & Illustration

Kerry Waghorn, who now resides in North Vancouver, B.C., is the world's leading editorial caricaturist. His international renown commenced with the syndication of Faces in the News by the San Francisco Chronicle (Chronicle Features) in 1977. His first work with BANNERLINE commenced in 2005, when he was retained to illustrate the book, Squandering Billions. Now represented by Universal Press Syndicate, Kerry Waghorn's work has appeared in more than 400 publications in about 60 countries. Among the journals that have published his inimitable creations are the Miami Herald, Boston Globe, Chicago Sun-Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post National Edition, New York Daily News, Atlanta Journal, Montreal Gazette, Vancouver Sun, Japan Times, Sydney Morning Herald, Hamilton Bermuda Business, Korea Times and New Zealand Herald. ( )

John Batchelor of Wimborne, Dorset, England, may be the most accomplished technical artist and illustrator in the world. He has illustrated several prestigious collections of military and war histories, and books on many other themes. His clients include the Smithsonian Institution, Time-Life books, Microsoft Corporation, Popular Mechanics Magazine and the postal systems of more than 30 countries of the world. He has completed numerous commissions for Bannerline clients, including the British Columbia Ferry Corporation, Imperial Parking Limited and Collingwood School.

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