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Batchelor commissioned
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Acclaimed U.K. artist John Batchelor created paintings of second world war heavy naval ships as part of an extraordinary promotion for Interpro Technical Services Ltd., a firm engaged in steam and gas turbine technology... Learn more here - Meet John Bachelor

John Batchelor painting

Event Media Relations
BANNERLINE has played a central role in the organization, management and media relations for hundreds of events with delegate counts from 10 to 3,000. We are either retained by the host organization or convention managers, most frequently our associates at Venue West Conference Services. In some instances, we play the principal production role and retain necessary specialists such as Venue West. Any aspect of these conferences related to media relations, audio-visual, publications, major program attractions and entertainment, we invariably do ourselves.

Several of these have been world congresses:

  • World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress - 2001

    We were responsible for media and public relations for this 2,000-delegate congress. Our principal client with this event was subsequently awarded the top national honour in his profession for public relations, based on the unprecedented publicity attained at the World Congress.

  • Pacific Rim Money Laundering Conference - 2000

    More than 500 of the world's leading experts on money laundering met in Vancouver (police, justice officials, computer specialists, bankers, accountants, lawyers, academics, various government agencies) in the fall of 2000. Our two-year role was strategic planning for the entire event, all publications, media relations and the parallel trade show. Our clients were the RCMP, US Treasury Department (Customs) and private sector partners.

  • International Psychogeriatric Association World Congress - 1999

    This Congress attracted 3,000 psychiatrists, neurologists and scientists involved with the subject of mental health and ageing, including the dementias. We handled media relations, publications and produced (with associate Gary Payne) a $150,000 network television documentary.

  • International Marine Transit Association
    21st Annual Conference - 1996

    Our client the British Columbia Ferry Corporation hosted in Vancouver all of the world's leading ferry transport firms, a relatively small event of 400 delegates, but individuals with immense power and wealth within the shipping business. Our role was strategic planning, congress management (delegated to Venue West), publications, major program attractions and media relations. BC Ferries received testimonials from around the world about this successful event.

  • National Parking Association
    1989 annual convention

    Our client Imperial Parking Limited hosted over 1,000 delegates from around the world to the annual conference of this Washington, D.C. based organization. We assisted with planning, the program (including an address by the Premier of British Columbia), entertainment, publications and media relations. 

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