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Greeting Cards
a Big Hit

A fun promotion designed as a gift for clients is turning up in odd places. Nigel Harvey, the proprietor of BANNERLINE's principal printer, Pacific Printing and Graphics, took six Patricia Bannerman photographic images and created text-free greeting cards. Since then, various gift shops (including the Whistler Museum at the famous B.C. resort) have sold them, and a U.K. associate enterprisingly auctioned them on E-Bay.

Patricia Bannerman photo greeting card

BANNERLINE Publications
Various examples of publications done by Bannerline CommunicationsBANNERLINE has published everything from simple brochures to coffee table books for a broad range of clients. The preponderance of the business consists of newsletters, annual reports, brochures, strategic plans, limited edition art and promotional items.
Services include any or all of research, writing, photography, illustration, design, budget management, production and distribution.

BANNERLINE is a publisher, unlike firms and consultants engaged in just one or more of the component project parts: planning, budgeting, project structure, research, writing, illustration, design, printing, binding and distribution.

The key to both quality and economy in publications is planning and structure resembling preparations for a motion picture shoot. Specific assignments and functions are very narrowly defined to ensure that expensive talent can make appropriate contributions in a minimum of time.

Each project resembles a bucket brigade. The management challenge is to ensure that each bucket gets passed at the appropriate time. Deadlines must be absolute, not just for the finished publication, but for each piece of the project.

BANNERLINE works with several different printers during the course of each year, but the principal strategic partner is Nigel Harvey of Pacific Western Print Group.  

Most of the books itemized below were standard author relationships with third-party publishers. The two coffee table books (Ships of British Columbia, and Collingwood School) were commissioned by the subject corporations, in association with BANNERLINE and Hancock House Publishers.

It should also be noted that these titles are all out-of-print and out of date, but may be of historical value. Interested parties should consult their public libraries and used book networks.

Gastown: The 107 Years

Gastown: The 107 Years
(Lagoon Estates, 1972)

Cruise Ships: The Inside Story

Cruise Ships: The Inside Story
(Saltaire, 1976)

Cruise Ships: The Inside Story

Cruise Ships:  The Inside Story 
(Collins, 1982)

Bon Voyage: The Cruise Travellers' Handbook

Bon Voyage: The Cruise Travellers' Handbook
(Passport, 1984 and 1985)

The Ships of British Columbia

The Ships of  British Columbia 
(Hancock House, 1985)*

* with Patricia Bannerman

Collingwood School: The First Ten Years

Collingwood School: The First Ten Years
(Hancock House, 1994)*

No Adjectives

No Adjectives (A screenplay, 1999) **

** with Gary Payne

The Road to Recovery: Horse Racing in BC

The Road to Recovery:
Horse Racing in British Columbia
(BC Racing Commission, 2001)


          Squandering Billions
          (Hancock House, 2005)*

                * with Dr. Don Nixdorf and Kerry Waghorn

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Patricia Bannerman and associates such as John Batchelor, Kerry Waghorn and Lloyd Sutton, create stunning visual elements for our clients' web sites, publications, presentations and offices.

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