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Bannerline has created all manner of business and industry publications for our customers. These include: annual reports, brochures, house magazines, news releases, and specialty pieces. Let us help you get the word out.

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A key strategic partner of BANNERLINE for over 25 years, Richard Pitt, has been one of Canada's foremost leaders in the evolution of the Internet.

Richard Pitt and Doug Cook bring an aggregate of over 40 years of marketing media expertise, from print, audio and video to the latest in Web technologies and content.

Doug Cook
Doug Cook was among the Internet pioneers in 1994, immediately fascinated by the potential of the medium. As more of a hobby and sideline than a vocation in those early years, he initially experimented with basic sites for friends and even children. Gradually, a business and corporate clientele came together and he formed the company DigiCom WebDesign. In 2000 he became a star student at a University of British Columbia's innovative program leading to a Certificate in Internet Publishing, the first of its kind in North America.

Today, the DigiCom customer list includes corporations of various sizes, non-profit organizations, pre-eminent world-syndicated caricaturist Kerry Waghorn ( and, which averages 20 million visitors a year. Profiled frequently in international media, the vast site covers its topic from anthropological roots and history to the tattoo in modern culture. New York Times cited Vanishing Tattoo as the number one tattoo information resource on the Internet.

The variety of clients and creative challenges matches his adventurous early life. Born in Kenora, Ont., his father was a pipeline worker. The family moved frequently around Canada to various pipeline construction projects. Doug's early career was in pipeline construction as well, once interrupted by almost a full year travelling through Southeast Asia, Nepal and India. Back in Canada he eventually ended up working for a number of years at a Vancouver sawmill. It was from this foundation that the Internet first appeared on his radar.

Active over the years in both his local business community and in various charitable pursuits, he and his wife Val have two sons and reside in Maple Ridge, B.C.
Richard Pitt
Richard is among the preeminent pioneers of the Internet industry. He and partner Stuart Lynne launched Canada's first commercial ISP,,  mentioned frequently for years on CTV National News. From1986 to mid 1993, Wimsey was the main gateway for e-mail and other Internet access in Western Canada.

This was a logical progression for his personal firm, Pacific Data Capture. From an early career in still and motion photography and graphic design, Pitt evolved through retail management and sales in the high tech industry, to his present consulting business dealing with all manner of technical integration consulting to businesses, specializing in integration with the Internet, especially marketing and sales technologies.

Wimsey Information Services, Inc., became a major evolution, not just in the formation of a regional ISP, but also in the most sophisticated of e-mail and Web systems and technology. This firm developed and marketed a software system called "Internet in a box" including software for virtual e-mail systems titled VPO (Virtual Post Office). One major customer for this software was the first ISP in Beijing, China, in mid-1995. Under Pitt's guidance,

Wimsey grew from two staff members and billings of $15,000 per month, to 14 full time people and over $1 million per annum in sales. The web site was twice named the Canadian commercial site of the year and was rated in the top 50 servers in the world for the amount of transited news. Under Richard's guidance and management, the Wimsey systems were instrumental in the development of the Web business in Western Canada, and at a time when the rest of the Internet was still teething, handled over one million web hits a day and 50,000 e-mail messages for 30,000 users. Wimsey was sold to iSTAR (now part of PSI NET) in 1995. Pitt was retained for a considerable period as a management and systems consultant to the new firm.

Following the sale of Wimsey, FirePlug Computers was formed to carry forward a number of software and Internet systems development projects. In this new company, he and Stuart Lynne continued as pioneers in expanding the impact of the then fledgling Linux operating system and, most-notably its use in embedded computers. Their trademarked software ThinLinux was sold to Lineo Inc., an American firm spun out of Novell Inc.

Richard Pitt is among the Canadian computer industry's most frequently quoted personalities. He has been interviewed by or contributed articles to scores of publications of all sizes, over the years, and appeared as an expert guest on countless numbers of radio and television shows.



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