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Harness Racing in BC

By April of this year, new revenues from slot machines will begin to assist the British Columbia horse racing industry. An “interim” 200-machine gaming floor is already under construction in the lower level of the Fraser Downs grandstand complex.

Artist impression of the new Fraser Downs Entertainment Centre

But the big day on the horizon is April 1, 2005.

The Fraser Downs Entertainment Centre will consist of:

  • a $25 million dollar investment in new facilities and dramatic improvements to any part of the existing plant that is not replaced by new construction.
  • of that total, $3 million will be spent on the parking lots, replacing the wire fence with modern landscaping, repaving, new lights and artwork.
  • The “grand entrance” will be across from 177B Street, where an artistic sign will lead visitors along a landscaped driveway to a porte cochere.
  • a modern atrium-styled welcome centre.
  • a gaming floor with up to 400 slot machines.
  • new construction to link the main grandstand complex with the existing, stand-alone, clubhouse building. New seating areas and lounges will be in the connecting structure, both at track level and one floor above.
  • a completely new and much-larger simulcast centre, designed for year-round self-sufficiency. Different sectors will achieve their own unique ambience. Within an overall social atmosphere with a preponderance of television screens, there will be an area where the focus is more on quiet dining as well as a theatre-style sector with private carrels for serious horse players.
  • a major show lounge with state-of the art audio-visual technology and private meeting facilities to enhance Fraser Downs’ growing multipurpose event business. This has included concerts, fashion shows, charity fund raisers, dances, private parties, business meetings and concerts.
  • care will be taken to ensure that the legendary Upper Clubhouse buffet remains intact as a signature service of Fraser Downs, and that the popular style of seating and guest accommodation in the Homestretch Lounge are preserved. Both these areas will remain essentially the same, but there will be substantial cosmetic improvements consistent with the style, quality and ambience of the new facilities, and to enhance the behind-the-scenes infrastructure to improve customer service.
  • expanded office and technology centres, mostly invisible to customers, will nevertheless impact positively upon all services offered.

Proposed look for the new Fraser Downs main foyer and welcome centre.

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