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Chilliwack: Rainbow Downs

It is hard to imagine a more beautiful setting for harness racing than at Chilliwack Heritage Park, a 65-acre site that includes a 5/8ths mile race track with a backdrop of lush agricultural areas and mountains.

The centrepiece of Heritage Park is a 150,000 square foot trade show centre, which opened in 2001, but a track was required for the annual fair and occasional events such as chuckwagon races. The farsighted city council, envisaging a multifaceted long-term business plan for the site, ensured that the track was built to horse racing standards. In fact, standardbred horsemen and Fraser Downs Director of Racing Keith Quinlan, created a demonstration race as an added attraction for the grand opening of Heritage Park in 2001.

“We began discussions with Chilliwack council and officials during 2000,” said Chuck Keeling, general manager of Orangeville Raceway Ltd., operators of Fraser Downs in Surrey and Sandown Park on Vancouver Island. “We have been tremendously impressed by the vision and determination shown by Mayor Clint Hames, the city council and civic officials.”

Keeling said that all of the talks have been aimed at the establishment of a permanent horse racing venue at Chilliwack, to be known as Rainbow Downs.
The goal is to operate a British Columbia circuit of three racetracks: the main fall and winter season at Fraser Downs, with the spring, summer and early fall split between Sandown and Chilliwack.

We would look forward to assisting the City of Chilliwack with its exciting vision for Heritage Park, which includes a concert stage and varied entertainment facilities, a restaurant, a hotel and possibly permanent horse stables for training purposes and veterinary medicine. We envisage an attractive sport lounge and simulcast centre, as well as several weeks of live standardbred horse racing each year.

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