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A New Era Dawns

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& Determined
by Chuck Keeling

An Industry,
Not Just a Sport

Careers, Training
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Our Goals

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Careers, Training and Opportunities

The name “Fraser Downs Entertainment Centre” implies far more than just horse racing and machine gaming.

In relatively recent history our business has hosted countless numbers of charity fund-raisers, fashion shows, themed events for children of all ages, dances and concerts. After $25 million of investment, by 2005 we will have state-of-the-art technology and facilities for an expanded thrust in all these hospitality and entertainment directions.

And this means jobs. But it also demands increasing sophistication and skill levels. The Fraser Downs team must appear poised, confident, attractive and professional. And that can only happen if people are knowledgeable and competent within the positions they occupy.

Preferential consideration will be given to current staff, horsemen, their families and our most valued long-term customers for whatever opportunities come along, but the qualifications for each position will not be negotiable. Standards will be set and if we cannot fill the position from within, the required talent will be recruited. Fraser Downs will equal or exceed the quality of personnel evident among competitors in the sports, entertainment, hospitality and gaming industries.

If Ontario’s success can be used as a guide, increased purses will inevitably lead to new and more affluent horse owners, most likely business people accustomed to a high level of professionalism with respect to the management of their assets. Discussions will take place with the British Columbia Standardbred Breeders Society and the British Columbia Standardbred Association to determine what we can do together to foster professional development in the backstretch.

Note this comment from a 2001 report of the 
British Columbia Racing Commission:

“It was suggested by horsemen that in terms of discussions or seminars about marketing, promotion, media relations or salesmanship, everyone should have an opportunity to benefit. Gradually, what came together was a need for an overall program to bring in expert speakers, consultants and advisors to assist in specialty matters, but to do this in an interesting and entertaining fashion, hopefully rewarding to the entire racing community. The feeling is that everyone could learn to be better communicators, enhancing their own personal business, and positive ambassadors for the sport.”

Fraser Downs management accepts the challenge of fostering an internal culture of professional development, and to establish standards and training programs to achieve those goals. But each staff member and horseman should take a very hard look in the mirror and prepare themselves for opportunities just around the corner. 

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