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Our Goals

  • 52 weeks of live standardbred action in BC, with 3-4 race cards each week, at Fraser Downs, Sandown, possibly Chilliwack and other venues.
  • More competitive and more entertaining horse racing, competing for bigger stakes.
  • Purse levels such that there will be regular visitations of horses and horsemen from Alberta, California and elsewhere, as well as travel by our people and horses for big races at other tracks.
  • More famous horses from BC racing all over North America, such as past stars Hy Class Minbar, Columbia Nipper, Red Star Longshot, Tigh Na Mara, Fast Lane Cruizin and Samantha Square, creating more interest in the B.C. breeding industry.
  • Higher quality and faster horses from BC in the North American spotlight could have a dramatic impact on the domestic breeding industry. The standardbred breeding sector has aptly demonstrated an ability to produce champions, but it must do so in greater volume and more consistently. 
  • Increased statistics in all areas: attendance, live handle, purses, more simulcast venues broadcasting our races and more TBC and out-of-province wagering.
  • Renewed health and vigour and improved facility quality around B.C. in the TBC Teletheatre network.
  • Dramatically improved results for horse racing media coverage, as measured by newspaper circulation and broadcast ratings, helping to create more attention for the excellent work of journalists who care, such as Tom Wolski, Mel Kositsky, Dennis Feser, Greg Douglas and Kent Gilchrist.
  • Consistent support for any B.C. communities that may wish to have occasional live harness racing as part of local fairs and festivals.
  • Constructive relations with the B.C. thoroughbred industry in assisting with the parallel improvement of that sector, and synergistic partnership in public policy issues, the development and promotion of teletheatres, simulcasting, value-added products (Internet and telephone wagering, video streaming, advertising, merchandising etal.) and other joint ventures.
  • Programs for staff development consistent with standards set by other professional sports, the hospitality and entertainment industries. We will also work with horsemenís associations to encourage the evolution of business and promotional skills within their membership, with a view to attracting new horse owners and investors.
  • More varied and exciting services for groups and charity events.
  • More special entertainment events within the Fraser Downs complex and on the grounds, with a particular focus on families.
  • A conservative 2001 estimate of BC horse racing (both sectors) cited an annual economic impact of $350 million and 7,500 full-time equivalent jobs (direct and indirect). The standardbred sector is thought to represent one third of those totals, which would be a value of about $120 million and 2,500 jobs.


Artist impression of new Fraser Downs Entertainment Centre

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